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Thanks to all of you who’ve been sharing your comments!

They’ve been flowing in steadily, not only to this blog but also to my other websites and social network connections – and I’ve gotten a ton of emails personally as well!

I’ll be moving as many of these comments as I can to this page, so we won’t have to jump around so much in keeping the conversation going.

I’m really grateful for your words of encouragement, and for your questions and suggestions, too – keep ’em coming!


    • Sandy
      12:53 am on July 22, 2014
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      Nope, cannot find the $$ in my horoscope.

      However, I can easily find my list of losing trades.


      • timbost
        6:02 am on July 23, 2014
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        Good to hear from you, Sandy! You’re not the only one with challenges finding money – that’s exactly why we’re starting the new class on “How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope” in a couple of weeks!

        By the way, you should hang on to that list of losing trades. It can be a valuable resource for you as you identify the “hot spots” in your own personal horoscope that can trigger success or failure, and then find the connections with what you’ve traded and when you traded it.

        We always want to learn from our mistakes, but trading gives us a unique advantage because it shows us exactly when our mistakes happen and exactly how much they’ve cost us! Having that information can be a real motivator for getting different results, and if we add key insights from your personal horoscope to the mix it can bring about a major transformation in the flow of money in your life!


    • Jose
      7:41 pm on July 21, 2014
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      Hi! My most problem is how can, in practice, astrology help me in trades. And how I using this tools? Is it easy?

      There are some software or is so easy this not need?

      thanks jo

        • timbost
          10:06 pm on July 22, 2014
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          Thanks so much for your question, Jose — we certainly use software to help speed up our astrological forecasting and market projections, but the key par of the equation is your ability to understand yourself, and then to apply your own personal cycles to the market rhythms for the best possible trading results.

          You’ll find a lot of in-depth information on market analysis, as well as an explanation of the Fibnacci Trader/Galactic Trader software, in the DVD set on “Profitable Trading with Planetary Timing” – you can get it at:

          This is an excellent program for determining what the planetary cycles can do to the markets, but please note that it doesn’t cover the “Trader” part of the Trading Triad- that’s the focus of the new course coming out soon on “How To Find the Money In Your Horoscope”.

      • Rich
        10:15 am on July 20, 2014
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        Very cool – but I’m not very pumped up about doing homework!

        Nice PDF down lode too. Thanks for the bonus!

        • timbost
          9:47 pm on July 22, 2014
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          Thanks for the positive words, Rich!

          Give the homework a try – I think you’ll find that a little bit of self-understanding can go a long way!

8 Replies to “Comments On Our Money Astrology Videos”

  1. Hi Tim, Thank you for your video, it is very enspiring for me, I like Astrology although it is not easy to get it into my head… but anyway, last year I started to apply my little knowledge to my trading, just as little experiments, and was really surprised with results, as profitabily of trades over the year has increased by 300%. So, thank you very much Tim, and my children too who I’ve got your book from as my birthday present last year. )))))

    1. Thanks for your comment, Galina!
      So glad you’re getting so much improvement in your trading by adding the astro-trading advantage. It can certainly make a big difference in the amount of money you can take out of the markets!
      I hope you’ll join us for the new class in How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope – it can really help take your trading (and your financial well-being) to the next level!

  2. Thanks Tim. This is excellent, and you do it very well. I have capricorn on the cusp of my 2nd, disposited by Saturn in the 9th cj Pluto. Bit hard huh? However I seem to have a healthy commitment to the stock market, although it has waxed and waned over the years. I even got Metastock 11 to easily load up under Win 8.1, when they all said it wouldn’t. LOL.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Heather!
      I’m glad you’re connected with some of the dynamics in your chart – it’s really important to know ourselves thoroughly if we’re going to successful in the markets. That’s what finding the money in your horoscope is really all about!

  3. An earlier IPO date that BABA intended was August 8th (8/8) which was scratched , as Jupiter transits Leo all that fancy high-end retail meeting the demand throughout the Pacific basin.

  4. Thanks for the pdf of quotes that came with the video on what’s wrong with astrology. I’ve got a question about it.

    Did W. D. Gann really say that about astrology?

    I’ve been led to believe that Gann didn’t actually use astrology, but relied on his own made-up system that used mainly math and geometry and some stuff from the Bible. Some experts have said that Gann avoided astrology completely, so I was surprised to see this positive quote from him.

    Where did you find it anyway?

    1. Thanks Bob-

      The Gann quote was from his book “Tunnel Thru The Air” – that entire book is in fact an instruction book on applying astrology to the markets, presented in the form of a romance novel featuring some very improbable adventures. It’s quite honestly one of the worst novels ever written!

      But the point with that book is to get past the clunky narrative and see the book for what it really is, by tracking down every reference to a specific date, successful trade, or price level in the markets, and then translating it into an astrological chart.

      When you do, you’ll not only acknowledge the reality of Gann’s passion for astrology; you’ll also be well on your way to astro-trading expertise.

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